Poetry: Love Yourself

Alone in a crowded place
Alone in my heart
I long for the person
To love me for me
It doesn’t have to be a boyfriend…
Just someone who cares
Someone who will accept me
Just someone who cares

I don’t know how I got this way
Feeling so alone
But for six years, I’ve felt alone

I try to build up walls
To keep the pain out
My walls are so fragile
They blow over like cards
I am fragile

My confidence is crumbling
After being chipped at for years
It falls apart in chunks
Leaving gaping wounds behind

Maybe I do know how this began…
It started with that gymnastics coach…
Who told me I wasn’t good enough
And those mean girls…
With criticism at every turn
I’ve started to believe I’m not good enough

I feel so judged all the time…I feel invisible eyes
Or are the eyes invisible?
Who really are these people I call “friends”?
I question it all

I look at other people
And want to have their looks, have what they have
If jealousy is a poision, I should be dead
It’s all twisted up

But I’m getting out
I’m done with this madness
I’m going to build myself up again
Piece by piece

The next time you see me
I’ll be as strong as a bear
I’m not the same person as I was yesterday

I know I’m not alone anymore
Even if I only have me
To love yourself is enough